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Beyond Diversity Session:

Building a More Inclusive World

Friday, March 11 @ 2:30pmCT

Austin Convention Center

Book Signing

with Jennifer Brown

Friday, March 11 @ 3:45pmCT

Austin Convention Center Bookstore

DEI: Creating & Measuring Authentic Change

Saturday, March 12 @ 11:30amCT

800 Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas








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 A Short Message From Jennifer

Hello SXSW folks, this is Jennifer Brown, and I wanted to introduce myself and tell you more about my newest book that will be featured at the conference this year, Beyond Diversity! 

A little more about me, since I’ll be meeting so many of you for the first time. I lead a company called Jennifer Brown Consulting, an industry leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting. We work with organizations to support them at all stages of their diversity, equity, and inclusion journey by assessing their culture, training their teams, and providing them with the tools and resources they need to create cultures of true belonging. We’re on a mission to create a more inclusive future of work that reflects all of our voices and all of our needs.

We’re having a session on Friday March 11 at 2:30 Central time featuring the new book, a Fall 2021 release that I co-wrote with trends expert Rohit Bhargava. The session is called Building a More Inclusive World. I’ll be in conversation with contributing author Monika Samtani, Founder, Ms. Media & The Fem Word.  

We’re so proud of this book. It’s finding an incredible audience that’s really enthusiastic about the message that it brings. The spirit of this book is to highlight a broad array of diverse storytellers with diversity of experiences. Our intent with the message is to explore where the opportunity exists between us when we create and solve together, tackling everything from the workplace to the media, government to education, and several other key domains that touch our lives. 

I hope you can join us, explore other powerful DEI sessions, and enjoy the conference!