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As a successful entrepreneur, Jennifer has been featured in media such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, AdWeek, Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, Inc., CBS, and many more.

Harvard Business Review

How Men Can Become Better Allies to Women

Male Allyship is About Paying Attention

Creating a Culture of Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion: Real Progress Requires Sustained Commitment 

The New York Times

Workplace Harassment in the Age of Remote Work

Where Are the Gay Chief Executives

The Big Business of Unconscious Bias


Wisdom of the Week


How To Become An Inclusive Leader And Why You Must

Because Caring About Diversity Isn’t Enough: How Leaders At Any Level Can Truly Create An Inclusive Workplace

One Organization Is Connecting Over $1.7 Trillion To Small Businesses

7 Parenting Traits That Help Kids Succeed At Work

Super Bowl Ads Spark Controversy

Jennifer Brown: Why Entrepreneurs Should Commit To Workplace Diversity Early On

The Difference Between Diversity And Inclusion And Why It Is Important To Your Success

The Benefits And Process Of Becoming A Certified LGBT-Owned Business

11 Books To Read If You Want To Be A More Inclusive Leader

Movement Makers Podcast

How To Be An Inclusive Leader

Fast Company

A More Equitable Future Relies on Leaders Taking Responsibility For Their Role in the Change Effort

Hive Learning

North America’s Most Influential D&I Leaders 2021-2022

The Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion…Why? No…How To Make It Happen

Axiom Business Book Medalist

Women/BIPOC  in Business Gold Medalist

Brilliant Ink

10 Women-Owned Employee Experience Agencies You Should Know

Positive Philter

Inclusive Leadership

The Forum on Workplace Inclusion Podcast

Ensuring Equity and Belonging in the Future World of Work


22 Books to Read (or Reread) in 2022

Big Think

Implicit bias training: How can we make it more effective?

The Business of Tech

Author Jennifer Brown discusses DEI initiatives in small companies


Power List 100

The power list of the top 200 thought leaders to follow in 2021

Leading with Empathy & Allyship Podcast

Moving Beyond Diversity with Jennifer Brown & Rohit Bhargava


Reimagining the future of work during the Great Resignation

The Fix with Michelle King

How to move from being a bystander to an upstander


Interview with Jennifer Brown


Top 15 Diversity and Inclusion Podcasts

Diversity in Tech

Top 5 Diversity and Inclusion Podcasts


10 Best Diversity and Inclusion Podcasts

d&i Leaders



Inspirational d&i Leaders


Top 100 Human Resources Influencers of 2021

Red Chair Series Podcast

DEI: The role associations and their leaders play in creating inclusive cultures

Fast Company

Bringing our full selves to work


Diversity and Inclusion: A deep dive into the size of the online Diversity and Inclusion conversation & the thought leaders driving it

The eLearning Podcast

Inclusive Educators Bring Their Full Selves To The Organization


Race and Business Ownership and Leadership in America

Yahoo News

Diversity training has ballooned into into a billion dollar industry

The Forum on Workplace Inclusion Podcast

Pride, Pronouns, and Privilege: How Intersectionality Informs our Allyship Journey

Thrive Global

Jennifer Brown ” I wish someone told me when I first started that nothing in your journey is wasted”

Catalyst Inc.

5 Must-Read Books on Workplace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

GDS Summits

Inclusion & Diversity is a Top Priority for Senior Leaders

The Power Shift Podcast

The Power of Bringing All of You with Jennifer Brown

Authority Magazine

Social Impact Authors: How & Why Author Jennifer Brown Is Helping To Change Our World

Fast Company

12 Ways (and reasons) Wise Leaders Learn to Conquer Their Biases

The Boss Ladies’ Podcast

Jennifer Brown

The Leader Assistant Podcast

Jennifer Brown on Creating Inclusive Workplaces 


What Really Matters When Trying to Boost Employee Engagement

Thinking Edge Podcast

Jennifer Brown – Author of “How to Be an Inclusive Leader” with a ‘thinking edge’ in inclusion and diversity

The Business of Business

4 Ways Companies Can Build a More Diverse Job Candidate Pipeline


Leaders Embrace Inclusion

Key Conversations for Leaders with John Ryan

Becoming and Inclusive Leader with Jennifer Brown

The Talent Development Hot Seat Podcast

A Winning and Sustainable Approach to DEI with Jennifer Brown

Cyber Security Interviews 

Jennifer Brown: This Is A Wakeup Call

Queer Profits Podcast

Change Takes All of Us – Bring Your Full Self with Jennifer Brown

Resiliency Theory

How Authenticity Supports Building Your Resiliency Muscle

Be More

Bringing Your Whole Self to Work 

Closing the Gap

All leaders must first ask do I have the will to change

Real Leaders

How to be an Inclusive Leader in 2021


The power list of the top 200 thought leaders to follow in 2021

The B2B Podcast

The  App Guys B2B Podcast with Jennifer Brown

The Forum on Workplace Inclusion Podcast

Exclusive Programs for Inclusive Leaders: The Case for LGBTQ+ Leadership Development

Inclusion Hub

Inclusion Song: Jennifer Brown Works to Bring Corporations Into the Modern Arena

Women Taking The Lead

Jennifer Brown on the Personal Journey to Be Inclusive

The Gospel of Fire

2020 Was a Gift

Trailblazers Impact

How to Create a DEI Workplace

Third Space with Jen Cort

Jennifer Brown


Jennifer Brown Consulting helps companies deal with diversity, inclusion, and equity

#ILoveGay Today

An Interview with Jennifer Brown Consulting

The Power of Owning Your Career Podcast

Pay Attention To Who Appreciates You

Hive Learning

North America’s Most Influential D&I Leaders

Next Pivot Point

How to be an Inclusive Leader with Jennifer Brown

Culture Hacks

How to Be an Inclusive Leader with Jennifer Brown

The KTS Success Factor – A Podcast for Women

How to Be an Inclusive Leader with Jennifer Brown

Take the Lead

True Believer: CEO, Founder on Guiding Leaders Through A DEI Reckoning

Berrett-Koehler Publishers

How Advocates for Inclusion Keep from Burning Out

HR for Her

Inclusion Matters – Building Sustainable Solutions


Politics, Polarization, and Entrepreneurship

What Diverse Employees Need to Hear From Their Leadership Today

The single biggest key to your company’s success and culture

Stanford’s New Executive Program for LGBT Leaders Is a Step in the Right Direction


Executives Should Be Mentored By Their Entry-Level Employees

The Inclusion Café

Building Successful D&I Initiatives 


Q&A on the Book ‘How to Be an Inclusive Leader’

Join the Convo Podcast

The Journey to Becoming an Advocate

Sacred Changemakers Podcast

Exploring Human Diversity and Social Justice

Women Who Own It

Why Diversity is the Key to Modern Business Success

The NextFem Podcast

Brining True Diversity and Inclusion Into the Workplace – with Jennifer Brown


Top 100 Human Resources Influencers of 2020


How Companies Can Bake Diversity and Inclusion Into Their DNA

Reboot Podcast

Leadership Without Inclusivity Is Not Leadership with Jennifer Brown

Advice To My Younger Me

Creating a More Inclusive Workplace

Los Angeles Times

Jen Gotch resigns from role at L.A. brand Ban.do after racism accusations

The Gamut Network

Interview with Mindy Scheier

The Lawyerist Podcast

Expanding Your Firm’s Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Awareness

Beyond 6 Seconds Podcast

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace with Jennifer Brown


On Closing the Gap of Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace with Jennifer Brown

Happiness at Work

Inclusive Companies? Still a long Way To go

Beyond 6 Seconds

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace with Jennifer Brown

Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Turn DEI Risk Into Opportunity During Work-at-Home

Bossed Up Podcast

How to Be an Inclusive Podcast


How to Manage Different Workplaces Personalities

Human Capital Magazine

Jennifer Brown on Inclusive Leadership

Badass Women At Any Age Podcast

Inclusion and Equality with Jennifer Brown

Lez Hang Out

Only Queer in the Room with Jennifer Brown

Culture Shift Podcast

Creating Cultures of Belonging with Jennifer Brown

Profiles in Diversity Journal

Overcoming Unconscious Bias within Organizations


Work Minus Hoarding with Jennifer Brown

Keep Leading Podcast

How to Be an Inclusive Leader


What is Unconscious Bias and Why Does it Matter

DataBird Business Journal

Female Executive of the Year Awards

Inclusion in Progress

How to Build a Gender Inclusive Company

Getting Unstuck

Getting Diversity and Inclusion Right – A Conversation with Jennifer Brown

Inclusion Allies Coalition Global DEI Leader Interview Series

Inclusive Leadership with Jennifer Brown

Berrett – Koehler Publishers

Inclusive Leaders, Inclusive Workplaces: 5 Reasons You Can’t Have One Without the Other

The Modern Manager Podcast

Growing into an Inclusive Leader

Randstad RiseSmart

Solving Talent Planning Through Inclusion

Howie Doing It Podcast

Trading In One Voice For Another With Jennifer Brown

Consulting Success Podcast

Scaling a Multi-Million Dollar Consulting Firm With Jennifer Brown

Million Dollar Mind Podcast

Jennifer Brown – Raising Her Voice For Good

Unleash Your Greatness Within Podcast

Success Interview with Jennifer Brown on Inclusive and Diversity Leadership

Claim the Stage Podcast

Build a Multimillion Dollar Consultancy Through Speaking with Jennifer Brown

Living Well Awake

The Hidden Power of the Shadow: The Dark Comes Before the Dawn with Jennifer Brown

Find Your Awesome Podcast

Find Your Awesome with Jennifer Brown

Inside Outside

Jennifer Brown, Author of How to be an Inclusive Leader

Women Your Mother Warned You About

Creating a Culture of Belonging with Jennifer Brown

Women in Business and Technology Podcast

Committing to Inclusive Leadership with Author Jennifer Brown

Seize the Day

Leading Diversity and Inclusion Expert, Jennifer Brown, Joins Natalie Miller-Snell on Seize the Day

Her Success Radio

Inclusive Leadership, Compassion Fatigue, and the Importance of Self-Care with Jennifer Brown

Duct Tape Marketing

How Leaders Can Create Inclusive Cultures

Life Skills That Matter

Reimagine Your Skills to Reinvent Yourself with Jennifer Brown

LeaderChat Podcast

How to Be an Inclusive Leader with Jennifer Brown

Careers by Jenn

Speak Up! How to Build Resilience, Courage and Confidence at Work with Guest Jennifer Brown


Bringing Second Chance Hiring into the Diversity & Inclusion Conversation

Hive Learning

Most Influential D&I Leaders – 2019

HR Certification Institute

Demonstrating a Global Cultural Competency

So Money Podcast

Diversity, Inclusion and the Will to Change with Jennifer Brown

Moments with Me – Mindful Meeps Podcast

Inclusion Real Talk with Jennifer Brown

Women on the Rise Podcast

Using Privilege as a Superpower with Jennifer Brown

Born to Write Podcast

Jennifer Brown – Inclusion: Diversity In the New Workplace

RLC Diversity Magazine

How To Be A Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leader: An Interview with Expert Jennifer Brown

Fast Company

6 concrete ways to make your office more gender equitable


55 Books Every Aspiring Chief Learning Officer Should Read

Boss Betty

Successful team building ≠ forcing everyone to play games and be besties (thank freaking goodness)


Girls Who Code CEO: Men Need to be Brave in the Service of Women

CEO World

An Executive Roadmap to Inclusive Leadership

We’re All In This Together – Podcast With Mike Robbins

How to Be an Inclusive Leader with Jennifer Brown

We All Have a Role to Play in Change with Jennifer Brown


Twitter Corporate Innovation Influencers You Need to Follow

Corporate Innovation: Expert Round Table

Best Corporate Innovation Podcast List of 2018 – Top 50

LinkedIn Pulse

Embracing Transgender Transparency

Using ERGs to Retain Millennials

Managing Diversity for the Sake of Performance

The Glass Hammer

Harnessing the Power of LGBT Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

5 Ways to Leverage the Power of Employee Resource Groups for Leadership Development

Big Think

Diversity Training, Part 1: Overview for Leadership and Management, with Jennifer Brown

Understand and Address Unconscious Bias, with Jennifer Brown

Personal Branding for the LGBTQ Professional with Jenn Grace

How to establish your personal brand with intention

Storytelling with Jennifer Brown

HR Daily Advisor

How To Get a Diversity and Inclusion Program Off the Ground: A Cost-Effective Approach

Curve Magazine

Hundreds Of LBTQ Women And Their Supporters Assemble To Celebrate Inaugural LBTQWomen Conference In New York City

WINGS of Inspired Business

Profiting from diversity: Why Inclusive Workplaces Always Win


7 LGBT executives on what diversity means to them

Run This World Podcast

Jennifer Brown is Creating a More Inclusive World


Reading List: 6 Books to Deepen Your Knowledge About Diversity & Inclusion

Diverse In

17 Diversity Podcast Series You Should Follow

Work Minus

Work Minus Bias With Jennifer Brown

Navigating the Customer Experience with Yanique Grant

Emerging Insights for Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace with Jennifer Brown


International Women’s Day – Top 100 Influencers on Gender Equality and Diversity

Leaders In

Excluded from the C-Suite? 12 Experts Offer Advice


Four Podcasts Every D&I Practitioner Should Listen To

The Leadership Podcast

The Forum on Workplace Inclusion Podcast

Executive Sponsors Fuel High-Performing ERGs

Debt Free Guys

How to Build LGBT Business at the NGLCC Conference


Inclusion and the New Workplace: A Conversation with Author Jennifer Brown

Financier Worldwide

Breaking down barriers: diversity and inclusion in the C-suite

Footwear News

Why the Footwear Industry Needs to Face Its Racial Diversity Problem

Unraveling Pink

What is Your Diversity Story? With Jennifer Brown


Five Top Female L&D Leaders Discuss Corporate Learning and Development

Big Think Edge

3 Tips for Managing Cultural Diversity at Work


Why Your RPO Needs to Practice Diverse and Inclusive Hiring


Best Global Brands – Interview With Jennifer Brown

Story Architect for Women

Writing your book: more than you bargained for?

The Voice of Bold Business Radio

The Next Generation of Women Leaders


7 Essential Guidelines for Mentoring in the Post-Weinstein Era

Talent Economy

Google Memo Prompts Reactions From Diversity Leaders

Yahoo! Finance

More than 60 Women Mull Google Class-Action Suit After Anti-Diversity Memo


A New Era of Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity Best Practices

Reflections on Working Mother’s Multicultural Women’s National Conference

Women For One

The Power of Inclusion & Owning Who You Are: An Interview with Jennifer Brown

Emerging Women Podcast

The Power of Inclusion With Jennifer Brown

The Unmistakable Creative

Bringing Your True Self To Life & Work

The Story Exchange

On Being an LGBT Entrepreneur


FutureVision: Leading With Diversity & Inclusion

Workforce 180 LLC – Forum 2018

Meet Jennifer Brown, Founder, President & CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting

The Michelle Meow Show

The Michelle Meow Show


Change is Hard: A true story of diversity and inclusion. 

Insurance Business

Leveraging diversity: going in to bat for minorities to make your workplace better


How How Diversity & Inclusion Will Drive Next Generation Workplaces

The Art of Authenticity

Jennifer Brown: Diversity and Authenticity


News: You’re Fired: Which Donald Trump Tweets Could You Get Away With?

Business Insanity Talk Radio

Why True Success Lies in Focusing on One’s Inherent Gifts

Resilience Radio

The Courage To Come Out

Cheddar TV

Jennifer Brown & Diane Colomer-Cheadle on workplace diversity

Triple Pundit

What your company can do to create an inclusive culture

Dignity & Respect Campaign

“I Have A Dream” by D&I Practitioners

Talent Management

Talent Management 

Delbourg Delphis

Wells Fargo: “Gayness” and Leadership, Inclusiveness for Real

Linkage Inc

The best opportunities you’ve never heard about

Reach Personal Branding Interview Series Podcast

The power of your personal diversity story

Diversity Journal

White Males Become Allies for Minorities, Women

Chicago Tribune

LGBT ally groups can improve an office

Association for Talent Development

What’s next for employee resource groups

The Muse

Should you come out at work


Every US Company Arguing for the Supreme Court to Legalize Same Sex Marriage


5 Things HR Still Wishes Candidates Knew 

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